The University Council

Mulungushi University is governed by the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013 of the Laws of Zambia and the University statutes, which provide for the establishment of the University Council appointed by the Minister of Higher Education. The University council is led by Mr. Ezekiel Chisenga Sekele. The following is a list of Council members:


    Mr. Ezekiel Chisenga Sekele - Chairperson
  Ms. Esnart K. Banda - Vice-Chairperson, Chairperson – Executive and Finance
  Prof.  Dickson M. Mwansa -Chairperson – Appointments/Promotions
  Prof. Address M. Malata-Chairperson – Audit and Risk
  Mr. Joel Shawa - Chairperson – Infrastructure Development
  Hon. Tutwa Ngulube - Member
  Mr. Given Chooma - Member
  Mr. Stephen K.  Chibangula -Member 
  Prof. Kavwanga E.S. Yambayamba- Member
  Mrs. Kayula Siame - Member - Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education
  Mr. Bosco Musonda - Member - Principal Economist, Ministry of Finance









  Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Kawunga Nyirenda FEIZ



Mr. Gubula C. Siaciti 



Mr. Derrick Chilembo

  Chief Internal Auditor
  Deputy Registrar – Administration and Establishment
  Legal Advisor









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